broken spring repair

In today’s world the DIY policy is in use by most people in almost all home repairs and maintenance tasks. You can paint your home perfectly well on your own because it does not involve any technicalities if you know how to mix the paints correctly but it is different when it comes to fixing a broken torsion spring. The spring is always under high tension and pressure and if mishandled it can lead to injuries and damages. It is therefore advisable to call a qualified technician to deal with broken spring issues. According to technicians at Melville garage door repair, there three maintenance practices that help in preventing the torsion spring from breaking prematurely;

  • Lubrication- Proper lubrication of the torsion spring will prevent rusting which is the main cause of broken spring.
  • Use of strong spring- The spring is used to support the garage door when opening and closing and it should be strong enough for this purpose. Two springs may be used to share the weight if the door is too strong for one.
  • Avoid unnecessary opening and closing of the garage door- The more you open and close the door, the more the torsion spring wears out. It is advisable not to open the garage door when not necessary.

If the broken spring is not handles in time and appropriately, it may lead to more future costs in terms of new motor installation or even new door installation.