motor installation services

If you are having any problems with the motor in the garage door opener it is always good to contact a professional garage door patch-up technician to handle the issue early enough before it gets out of hands. The motor is a very important part of the garage door and if damaged it will make the door not to open properly or cause more damages to the door. It is advisable not to handle damaged motor repairs on your own if you have no technical knowledge on how to go about it. At Melville garage door repair, we have technicians who have been trained and are experienced in handling all types of motor repairs and replacement. Just like the broken spring, motor malfunction or damage may be prevented through lubrication which reduces friction to avoid fast wear and tear. After a new door installation, our technicians will provide you with free tips on how to take care of the motor to avoid unnecessary damages on the motor. If you follow our technicians’ tips or take advantage of our free online or on phone consultations you will save cost and time. Melville door repair specialists will first inspect the motor to determine whether it is only a part of the motor that needs repair and fix it. If the motor is damaged beyond repair, they will replace the motor within minutes and our cost is the best in the town. We buy quality motors from well-known distributors in the city and we enjoy amazing discount which enables us to offer pocket friendly services.